How can I buy and order a chandelier?

Many of the offered chandeliers we have in our shop in stock. Otherwise, orders are possible by mail or telephone. Just send us your contact details, then you will immediately receive all the documents necessary for the purchase.

How can I pay?

In our store, payment is possible in cash or by credit card. Online is the possibility to pay by card, transfer or PayPal. You will receive all detailed data for these payment transactions by e-mail.

Can I view other products from your offer online?

Yes, many lights you'll find in our e-shop   www.prolumena-eshop.com and moreover you'll find our comprehensive offer of more than 20000 chandeliers and lamps on this page: www.prolumena.net

What is the difference in the quality of the crystals?

Some chandeliers can be ordered with different crystals. There are different quality classes, which are also noticeable in the price. The higher the quality of the crystals, the cleaner the transparency is and the more intense the color glow and sparkling that the crystals produce. You can get the best impression of that when you visit our store, where you can see and examine sensually real each crystal type and every quality class.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

You can find our general terms and conditions here:   terms and conditions of PROLUMENA

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